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Which are the best performing states

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If you're moving to Australia and haven't decided where to want to live yet, it may be worthwhile keeping an eye on CommSec's  'State of the States' reports. 

The quarterly report attempts to find out how Australia’s states and territories performing by analysing eight key indicators:

  • economic growth
  • retail spending
  • equipment investment
  • unemployment
  • construction work done
  • population growth
  • housing finance
  • dwelling commencements.

Just as the Reserve Bank uses long-term averages to determine the level of “normal” interest rates; CommSec do the same with the economic indicators.

For each state and territory, latest readings for the key indicators were compared with decade averages – that is, against the “normal” performance.

The latest State of the States report also includes a section comparing annual growth rates for the eight key indicators across the states and territories as well as Australia as a whole. This enables another point of comparison – in terms of economic momentum.  



FIRST - New South Wales


SECOND - Victoria


THIRD - Australian Capital Territory


FOURTH - South Australia


FIFTH - Tasmania


SIXTH - Queensland


SEVENTH - Northern Territory


EIGHTH - Western Australia



adobe-pdf-icon.pngDownload the full report: CommSec_State_of_the_States_October2017.pdf


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Right but i moved to australia from the UK - I am actualy on holiday in the UK now - and NSW (which looks best from the information above) is about twice as expensive to live in as even the south of england.

Really, the most relevant question here is what is the cost of living in each state.

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The articles purely about the strength of each state's economy, not the cost of living. So from an economic standpoint, NSW is the strongest state.

Cost of living wise, Sydney always tends to be the most expensive, followed by Melbourne, then Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth in that order.



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