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      • By Indianinoz
        1) Our home is carpet. Its just been a few weeks in our rental home but both me and my wife feel it is making us sick. We keep getting these static electricity currents which were not the case before when we were in a home without carpet. Also, it seems the dust on the carpet is not helping us. Can we get it removed through the real estate agent?

        2) Our home has the old style of electrical meter within the home which only allows me switch off the entire electricity for the home. The other circuit breakers like 'stove', 'lights', 'power1', 'power 2' etc. are sealed in a way that only an electrician can turn them off/on. My friend who is an electrician says they're now illegal and the home should mandatory have these circuit breakers unsealed. My real estate's electrician says though the 'sealed way' is outdated, it is not illegal because when our home was built(and its an old home), the 'sealed way' was prevalent and hence it is not illegal. The real estate'es electrician said that I cannot force the owner of the property to unseal the circuit breakers. Who is correct?