Sukhwinder Singh

Rules Are Changed For Australia's Study Visa

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    Rules for Australia Study Visa (300) has Changed for India from 30 Sept,2017. Updated Rules are below:  

    Australia Mark India as Rank 2 from Rank 3 so the new rules are as follows:  

    Funds may not necessary to show:  

    It is not necessary to show funds for applying Student Visa but you may have to show, as per according to your university. Because in some universities you have to show funds but some universities allow you to apply without funds but they can ask.    

    Clear GTE    

    Your IELTS/PTE score do not matter if you clear GTE i.e. Genuine Temporary Entrance. In this you are asked several questions like Why you choose the intended university? Why you want to study in Australia?

    Other rules are same like you have to submit college fees, submit COE, your identity etc.


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    Sorry my mistake as, I wrote wrong code that is 500 for student visa but you can check on website where details of universities and requirements are written by Australia Government in document checklist tool page, If any doubts.

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      • By samsid
        I'm in this situation applying for student visa in Australia and I'm facing DUI charges in US..not convicted yet, but had to left States due to family emergency. Had a court date but missed it. Being an Indian citizen my question is should I need to declare in the student visa forms about DUI charges OR knowing that the laws of AU aren't after DUI conviction to grant a visa, it may not necessary to disclose on the forms?
        Much Appreciated Response.
      • By Sayaka
        Hi all, 
        I would like to know if it is allowed to get a student visa between 457 and application for 189.
        Currently I am on 457, expiring in 8 November this year, and in the process of preparing to apply for 189. I have sent required documents to the assessing organisation and were received on 17 July and process time is up to 10 weeks according to them. This means that it might not be until the end of October that I will get the assessment (if positive, of course), leaving about 2 weeks to send EOI, get invited and apply, which is pretty ambitious. 
        So, I need to do something so that I don't need to get out of the country and the only option I can think of is a student visa. Does anybody here know if it is OK (or not OK) for me to do that? Or, does anybody have another idea? 
        Thank you for your support in advance. 
      • By alisheerazi
        i'm currently on a student visa which is going to expire in september 2017 and i still haven't been able to finish my course not even half way. 

        i have 65 points without nomination(age=30,degree=15,pte=20  261313 software and applications programmer).

        my question is if i voluntarily cancel my student visa and go back to my country after submitting EOI, will it have any effect on my 189 application outcome?

        i'm very confused about whether to extend my student visa(going through financial hardship) or cancel my student visa. i don't have much time and any help would be appreciated thank you
      • By Melfife
        I am considering applying for a student visa but as an older student I have dependents. One is 18 and mentally disabled he would be unable to work or study himself and is solely dependent on me. I know the rules regarding disabled dependents has changed Ive spent hours researching but I can not find anything that relates to a student visa and the changes.
        can anyone offer any advise please. 
        Thank you. 
      • By Rozelle
        Hello again.

        This case is so complex that not even Immigration or the police knew what to do, and that's why I'm in a delicate situation now. I just want to find the better option and then hire a MARA Agent to help me with the case

        As I posted a few months ago, I overstayed my tourist visa for 3-4 months. The reason is that I lodged a Student Visa application on shore and it was invalid because I sent the documents to the wrong email address. During those 3/4 months I attended to my school and I have a certificate proving my satisfactory school attendance. So that means I had genuine intentions of studying

        Then I was granted a Bridging Visa E which would give me a 3 year re entry ban once I leave the country

        Before I could leave the country I was charged with Break and Enter and Steal crime by the police. They confiscated my passport so that I couldn't leave the country. I pleaded not guilty and the court date is on June.

        Immigration has been granting me BVE's every month since then. I even got working rights approved 2 months ago because of financial hardship

        The BIG PROBLEM is just about to happen. Immigration has been pressing the police to either give me my passport or grant me a Criminal Justice Visa, something that they are not going to do as it is too expensive for them

        Turns out that the police has applied for a Bail Variation to give me my passport back, and once this happens I will be asked to leave the country

        Now I want to know what options do I have to come back to Australia. I can just think of

        - Apply for a Student Visa and try to waive the 3 year ban.

        Main problem is that it will be too expensive. I would need to pay for the visa + first term which is already $2000 and then flights, MARA agent...

        - Apply for a Tourist Visa and try to waive the 3 year ban

        I could probably get the 3 year ban waived with the excuse of needing to be in Australia in June and going to court. Then I could try a Student Visa on shore again. Not sure if that would work though

        Everything looks difficult at this stage, but one of the biggest reasons that makes me want to fight so hard to stay here is that I love soccer and here in Australia I've been working as soccer coach for many different teams and age groups. It's well paid here but I'm currently doing some volunteering for youth clubs too and I will let them down if I leave and never come back

        I think there might be some arguments to use in my favour

        - Coaching and developing soccer in the Australian community. Families, kids, players... 90% are Australian citizens
        - Satisfactory school attendance (genuine studying intentions)
        - Pending court date (not guilty) and I'm really confident that I will win the case
        - Unfair treatment leading to financial hardship (not allowed to work or leave the country for 4 months)