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Ian Ireland

Medical Matters

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    We are currently at 26 months waiting for class 143. My wife looks as if she is going to need medical investigations. This will obviously feature in any medical report. If the case worker eventually makes contact soon, what do we say? God forbid we go to the back of the queue. I would assume they will tell us to get it fixed and come back to them.


    Help please!!!



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    Hi Ian, @Richard Gregan has a few medical advisors to hand it may be worth while dropping him a line. Personally I wouldn't say anything unless you have a diagnosis.

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    You are probably the best part of a year away from needing to do medicals. However, if your wife has anything that could have a negative effect on the medical it is best to get professional advice sooner rather than later. The department don't mind ill health per se. What they are looking for is something that is likely to have a significant cost to the Oz health system. If any investigations show something that may, then you need to speak to a specialist agent such as George Lombard

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