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Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

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    On 12/12/2017 at 19:10, EmmaGiggles85 said:

    Thanks! Currently very busy in university at the mo so when i come on here there are lots of messages that have been written and i am trying to trapse through them all haha
    Doesnt help that most of them are just arguments about the most irrelevant stuff and im just scrolling past with the popcorn 🤣🤣

    Good luck with your uni work 😊 yah if you can try to ignore the PS'ers there's some great information and advice on this website. All the best!

    I believe that one of the modern forms of bravery is to say, OK I will start again from scratch.

    Doing something new, learning new things requires great strength, great humility and great courage.

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    On 12/12/2017 at 09:10, EmmaGiggles85 said:

    Thanks! Currently very busy in university at the mo so when i come on here there are lots of messages that have been written and i am trying to trapse through them all haha
    Doesnt help that most of them are just arguments about the most irrelevant stuff and im just scrolling past with the popcorn 🤣🤣

    Quite honestly you get as much crap from both 'sides', both will give you very valuable information AND both will give you wildly inaccurate information as well. 

    Happy in UTOPIA.

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    • Similar Content

      • By Lady Tottington

        So 4 weeks ago a job offer and today we waved good bye to our belongings as it travels the 12 week journey. I can't believe in 4 weeks, we have done so much but we are now rattling around an empty house, jobless, carless and furnitureless just waiting to board that Big Bird back to Blighty on Sunday.
        Still got very mixed emotions, im tired and stressed but very very excited, thank you for all you that helped, guided and gave advice, hopefully I will be on here again next Spring (UK) letting you all know how fantastic, freezing Yorkshire is and this was the best decision in years!! Bon Voyage
      • By desreb
        We moved back to the UK from Oz just over a year ago. At the time, I kept good notes of our expenditure, which gave a fairly good overview of how much the total process cost us. I thought I'd share in case it's of use to anyone else planning the same.
        A little background: we moved to Sydney in 2011 from SE London (Zone 4), and had a great 6 years renting in the Eastern Suburbs. We had two kids while there, who were 1 and 4 at the point of moving back, plus two cats we had shipped over and then back. We were renting in Sydney, and moved back to our own original home in SE London. Many of our furnishings were second-hand from Gumtree, and hence we didn't have any large items like furniture, cars, etc. to move back to the UK.
        For the move, we had a week where we sold off all our furniture and appliances, then moved into an AirBnB in Sydney for three days as a buffer while the rental was without furniture and being cleaned. We flew back to the UK, then had a week in an AirBnB in London with a rental car, giving us time to furnish our old house and buy a car locally. Given the emotional drain of the move and the trip, we didn't hold back on spend in the UK - most purchases were new, decent quality, and delivered to the house
        Pre-Move (Australia, AUD)

        Cats: Rabies vaccinations, fully managed shipping back to UK, and boarding on this side for 3-4 days before the flight. Shipping: We shipped 18 boxes of clothes, sports gear, personal stuff, toys, and two trunks, in a shared container. One trunk was broken and paid in full, minus excess.  Checkout: We booked a two-bed AirBnB for around 4-5 days in Coogee, in late Spring. Flights: Two tickets were covered by air miles, so this was relatively cheap. Cheaper than the cats by a long way.  
        Post-Move (UK, GBP)

        Accommodation: 3-bed nice terrace house in SE London Zone 4
        Car Rental: Large Estate car for a week on el-cheapo high-risk Heathrow rental company, with seperate car hire excess policy (very useful when rushing around large loads with severe jet lag in UK winter)
        Furniture: Everything for house: New double-bed, kids bed, cot, Ikea wardrobes throughout, Kitchen table, Living room sofa/bed, various soft furnishings - mostly John Lewis, Next, Ikea, Made.com
        Other stuff: Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. Initial groceries, Phone contracts, budget laptop, Van Hire, Kids' Winter clothes, Passport fees, etc. etc. etc. Not including normal groceries once we'd settled, lots of coffee, or anything we would normally spend day-to-day unrelated to a move.
          Overall, the entire exercise cost us GBP 12,700 - ironically not much more than a month's holiday trip back to visit family typically was, if renting accommodation. Of that, a third was new furnishings and a quarter was the cats' travel. We were very light on shipping - we don't have any big family heirlooms, and we sold off anything that wouldn't fit in a box at the best price we could get, but probably lost a couple of thousand on the best secondhand price that we might have got in order to get everything sold and gone.
        I hope this is of use to someone.

      • By Anna833
        Hi All,
        We returned to the uk in July this year after living in Melbourne for nearly 4 years. We returned due to a mixture of missing family, friends (although most have drifted and moved on now), the countryside and of little things but the main reason was that I felt like my 19 month was missing out on building a relationship with his grandparents and cousins. It was also the isolation and a little bit of homesickness which was a major player as well. See, we have been back over 3 months now but I'm wondering whether we have been too hasty and instead should of come for an extended holiday rather than shipping our belongings and 2 cats back to the uk to live in a completely new area (only place my husband could find a job with his skills). As we don't know anyone nearby at the moment and I'm a stay at home mum I feel a little isolated even though we are back in the uk with family/friends an hour or so away. It's horrible having the thoughts of did we actually do the right thing!! Luckily we waited until we got citizenship in June to make the move back so we can always go back but how long do you wait before thinking that life is actually better in Australia? I think my husband is missing it slightly more than me. I'm just thinking now we are back, maybe we are looking through rose-tinted glasses at oz again and forget all the bad experiences we had over there. (mostly good though apart from missing family)
        We came to a decision that we will see how things go over the next 2 or so years and make a firm decision of what we want to do prior to my son beginning school in 2021.
        Has anyone else who has returned had these regrets and do they pass and or is anyone planning over relocating back to oz in the near future?
      • By wetnwindy
        so have been in WA sine 2012 and have PR and have reached the point of do I comit and stay or do I head home in time for high school. We have 3 kids, 11,9,4. Hubby works FIFO 3/1 and whilst we enjoy Australia there isnt a day that passes without me thinking of home. We went back last Xmas and loved it very much and cried all the way back to WA. What I don't want to happen is leave it any longer and not be able to leave as kids will be settled into high school. I'm not looking at UK via rose tinted glasses, I know why we left in th first place, an adventure and we've had that but I have this longing for UK all the time. Australia is so expensive and even though hubby does FIFO we still just get by. The opportunity for the kids here regards outdoors is amazing whilst in scotland it would be less of an appeal. Has anyone made the move with kids back after a few years and what is your experiences? Hubby not really wanting to but will for me.
      • By Redtop1
        We have been back 2 months now, didn't realise how happy I would be to be back.
        Our two dogs travelled well, did an overnight in Dubai then onto Heathrow next day, we knew it was taking for animal 8-9 hours to clear customs so boarded them there for the night and collected then the next day.  They were happy, clean and not at all smelly on collection.  Just as well as it was a Friday and we were travelling down to Devon in the height of the holiday season in August (Unfortunately, it was the worst traffic jams and Road works, normal journey about 3 hours, it too nearly 7).
        We booked a cottage near Dartmouth for 3 months, such a friendly village, the dogs go most places with us, they have been on a bus, most pubs allow them in the bar when you go for a pub lunch, one even had a dog bar with bowls of water and treats.
        We have found a house in Somerset to buy and we will be completing and moving in on Monday 2nd October, (5 weeks from initial viewing as we are cash buyers) our container (40 foot high top)  with our car and belonging is due to be delivered Wednesday/Thursday 4/5th.  We had planned to spend a few weeks decorating whilst my husband started his job hunting in earnest, but unbelievably he was contacted last week by an agency, had an interview and is due to start his new job on Monday 9th!
        Our weekly food shopping is a lot cheaper and a far wider choice, car insurance also a lot cheaper.  I have no problem getting an NHS Dentist in the area we are moving to and could have had an appointment within 3 days, but need to wait until 6th October due to moving.
        It has been a lot of work and organising, but we started the process getting the house and garden ready forsale and decluttering in May. Organised the real estate agent and put the house on the market 3 days before we left on our previously booked holiday in UK for the month of June, our house sold within a couple of days of going on the market and we were in the UK knowing we only had 4 weeks when we got back to Australia to organise everything including selling our car, seaside block of land, dogs, shipping, UK short term rental that would take 2 dogs, buying a car in UK! 
        We achieved it all, I still pinch myself, so just need next week to go to plan!
        Will do an update in 6 months, see how we get through winter etc.
        It is great to be back home.