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Seeking reputable Mara agent for 457 to 186 TRT application.

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I am looking for a good, reliable and proactive registered migration agent.

My situation is I've been on a 457 for almost two years, and they will sponsor me for the 186  through TRT. I am currently preparing my application and have sent off for my police certificates already.
Currently doing my own searches for an agent of course but if it allowed to make recommendations on the forum then please let me know, which could be though PM I guess.

The company sponsoring me has said the agent they were going to use isn't available but said they will look for somebody else, but as they are very slow at doing anything generally, I am taking the initiative and searching online and would like to recommend an agent to them.

I'm aware of a couple of members on the forum who are registered agents, although I am looking for somebody more local- in Melbourne who is easily reachable and can pre-empt us on the do's and don'ts, what we need, what to look out for, generally informing us upfront of stuff rather than only mentioning it later when something turns up.

Any good leads from personal experience , good or bad, would be most welcome!

Thanks :)



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Or if anyone did it all themselves then that would be interesting to hear. If it makes a difference, my original 457 application was solid and only took two months, and that with a defacto partner on my application and we were never asked for any extra info or anything. My company is happy to pay for an agent but if we don't need one, then maybe I can save them the $ which could go towards any potential xmas bonus lying about ;).

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Although I did my 186 myself, that was a few years ago and things have gotten more complex so I wouldn't recommend it.  Also, an agent doesn't need to be in the same city as you generally don't meet them in person so everything is done by phone/Skype and email.  There are several good agents on the forum and I wouldn't hesitate to use any of them - look for WRussell, Raul Senise, Richard Gregan and Alan Collett.

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Hi MaggieMay, thank you very much! Good to hear that, as my instinct does recommend me to go the agent way also. I had been thinking today that probably it was unnecessary to be in the same city, but now hearing it from you is just extra confirmation and opens up more possibilities. I recognise a couple of the names you mention so will enquire with them directly.

Thanks again.

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