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Tasmania- 489 help!

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In a complicated situation personally so as my partner is already heading to Oz (Tasmania) I am looking at my own options, particularly the 489 state sponsored. 

I have had interest from potential employers and I plan on visiting in the new year to work on these as I have a rather specialist job (private music tutor). However I am worried about the vetassess and EOI. Here in the UK I have always worked freelance, albeit for the same group's of school's so I am not sure how this would be calculated work experience wise? There doesn't seem to be the same option in Oz of being a peripatetic music teacher but it list's the work on the short term skills list? 

Having done my points on the online assessment I ended up with 80...I'm just worried that the freelance work won't mean anything? Plus, it's not usually in excess of 20 hours per week as I work another music job at the same time...My qualifications are above the required standard for the work. Would it also be worth doing the IELTS?

Going on his visa is not an option at this stage but I was particularly looking to hear from private tutors/musicians/music professionals on how they found the process? 

I have family in Sydney and so moving to Oz has always been on the cards, however now it seems to be happening hopefully sooner than I expected so any advice is welcomed!


Thank you! 






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First, the skills assessment is common for people who are self employed in fact a lot of people have the same issue in areas such as construction trades, so that on its own shouldn't be an issue. However, experience must be full time. 

I think you must also be misunderstanding the points as 80 without ILETS would be exceptionally rare (I can't recall seeing it in eight years of helping on the forum) if you over claim a single point you may receive a refusal which is loss of the fee and even a ban from reapplying. Given your circumstances are unusual I would recommend you speak to a good registered migration agent. 

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Hi I am from the UK and also with a "rather specialist" job (Camera Operator and film editor for BBC and Discovery) and have applied for the 489 in Tas. Ive been freelance for 9 years. and  also had to have my skill assessed by Vetasses. 

Don't underestimate the amount of proof you have to show for this. as freelance you will need a degree in that field and show at least 3 years proof not 1. they will ask for business registration, letters from your registered accountant, invoices, bank statements, tax returns the lot. and they actually go through it with a fine tooth comb... more than I was expecting. and also proof that is was a full time job, they don't accept part time work. 

in the end I submitted 9 years worth of that stuff. I even had to get a letter from the Inland Revenue stating what my occupation was. and this process can take up to 2 months to complete. prep for this is key. wether you do it yourself like me ( passed and signed of for 9 years proof ) or an agent.. they will ask for the same info as they are middle men in that process. 

the next thing is the points, again like Verystormy said thats quite a rare number.. just be careful with what ever you submit, if they find out its false its goodbye visa and any future ones. I scored 70 - unless you are counting your partners skills too which might be the 80 you speak of. 

another point is although you have a "rather specialist" job, that unfortunatly doesn't mean a lot to Tasmania ( I know the feeling ) they will give priority to dairy farmers etc. they have a specialist list that they have to show their "urgent" visa needs. This will come up in the application. so might take longer than expected to get a invite.

I would seek an agent to help you in the UK or go to a migration expo, they usually have one every other month at various places in the UK and chat to some different agents on that day. 

but I would defiantly sort your vetasses out ASAP as you can not put in your expression of interest in until you have that. 


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