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Query: Proof of Funds: 489: Tasmania

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Good evening. Apologies for the multiple questions, but here goes:

  • What is the amount to be shown for this visa for the primary applicant and a spouse?
  • Do these funds have to be in the form of cash in a bank or can we include assets like a property as well?
    (The Tasmanian financial declaration form states that we cannot show the value of Jewellery)
  • I would like to sell my property only after getting a state nomination and applying for my visa. Otherwise, I'd rather let my property appreciate in value. (Catch 22 situation here)
  • How long do the funds in the bank have to be present before presenting them?

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have you downloaded the form ? 

it does have a section on there to include assets such as investment, property and even a car as well as bank savings.

so you can put down a listing price of your property as an asset. you might be asked for proof of this so I imagine they would need some sort of confirmation from your estate agent or a copy of your mortgage agreement to prove you do own a house and is valued as such. you will need the form stamped by a GP etc. 

it doesn't state how long the funds need to be in your bank or the amount needed, it does however ask on the application for you to give a detailed monthly cost of living in tasmania and also an estimated cost of moving there inc shipping and flights, its a way for them to make sure you don't arrive having spent all your cash on the way here. and that you have a sound understanding of the costs involved. 


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