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Company reference letter for skill assessment (VETASSESS)

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I have a question about the company reference letter for skill assessment.  My situation is my offical job duties from HR will not exactly match with ANCSCO, so I request HR not to include the job description in the letter (but all others information that VET require are included) and I will ask my direct supervisor to sign another letter regarding my job duties on it, heres my questions:

1) Do I need to write this letter in statutory declaration format or just another company reference letter signed by my supervisor?

2) Do I need to give reason to VET about why my job duties did not included in the reference letter by HR?

3) I working in the same company for over 10 years but my direct supervisor now I am working with is only 2 years, is it a problem to recognise my past experience by him?

Thank yo so much for the help and I will be very appreciated if anyone could give me an advise to solve this problem. 


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Hi karhl! How did you end up going with your assessment? Im in the process of doing mine with VETASSESS also...

Appreciate any feedback/advice given your experience.


Kind Regards,

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