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What are my chances of getting a PR

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    Hey guys, 

    let me just say right off  the bat that my own country is shit (I'm in the middle east) Its really depressing here and I simply cannot tolerate to live here anymore. Its simply not a good life and I simply cannot waste anymore time living here anymore. One way or the other I am leaving and going to live somewhere else. I have a lot of money saved up and I'm planning to leave as soon as I can which is when I get a student visa.

    I would  really like to immigrate to Australia because I studied there before for a bachelor of literature for 5 years on a scholarship. Now that I have money saved up I'm planning to come back again study at a TAFE school. 

    My plan is to become an "Automotive Electrician" which is on the (MLTSSL) list

    Here is my plan:

    1- I will Study an Automotive Electrician course (certificate 3, 4 and diploma) at a TAFE for 2 years. 

    2- once I'm done I will apply for a graduate Visa.

    3- On the graduate Visa I will need to find a job as an Automotive Electrician. 

    4- Once I find a job I will apply for the "Job ready program".

    5- If I obtain a positive skill assessment during the program I will then apply for RSMS, State or Independent Skilled Permanent Work Visa.


    Now my question are:

    Has anyone been on this path before? is TAFE a common path to immigration?

    What are my chances at getting a PR if I go through this process? do a lot of fail at getting a PR?

    basically is this a good plan to follow?




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    I do not like the look of your proposed course of action.
    If you go to my website: pinoyau.com and use the contact form, I shall have alook at your case,if you wish.

    Westly Russell Registered Migration Agent 0316072 www.pinoyau.com

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    Give Westly a change to look over your case. You only sent it a couple of days ago and there is a time difference also. 


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        I am in a pickle , my current 457 runs out in 4 weeks i have applied for 190 and bridging visa a granted . I stupidly gave my notice thinking that i would be carried on by 90 days to get to my 4 weeks then id have full work rights until my 190 was granted . So i got paid my entitlments last week and did 3 days casual for them , they since have said that they must inform the dept of my finishing , which now i find out if i get a notice to cancel my bridging visa will ceease as well . 
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        According to a recent Australian Population Research Institute survey, three quarters of Australians believe the country doesn't need any more people while 54% want a reduction in the annual migrant intake.
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        Hi there, 
        I have now moved back to Sweden and I'm looking for ways to return to Australia. I have almost worked 2 years before returning back to Sweden and I have the option to take out my REST money. 
        Someone has adviced me to not take those  money in order to get the PR easier in Australia again. Is this really the facts. It's quite a lot of money hanging there and I want to be sure. 
        Any ideas?
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        Hi,   Just have a query with regards to my eligibility to apply for the 189 Visa as a NZ citizen.     I moved to Australia from NZ in Sept 2009 and worked up until August 2016. I fall within the threshold of the income category. I quit my job in 2016 and have been travelling every since and will only be back in Australia in June 2018.   I still have a property in Aus and that is where my home is. As I have been away for over an year now , will I still be eligible to apply for PR under the 189 Visa? https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/189-new-zealand-stream   Will my absence away from Aus on holiday deny me the approval for the visa?   Thanking you in advance. 
      • By subdividedyoghurt


        I am looking for a good, reliable and proactive registered migration agent.

        My situation is I've been on a 457 for almost two years, and they will sponsor me for the 186  through TRT. I am currently preparing my application and have sent off for my police certificates already.
        Currently doing my own searches for an agent of course but if it allowed to make recommendations on the forum then please let me know, which could be though PM I guess.
        The company sponsoring me has said the agent they were going to use isn't available but said they will look for somebody else, but as they are very slow at doing anything generally, I am taking the initiative and searching online and would like to recommend an agent to them.

        I'm aware of a couple of members on the forum who are registered agents, although I am looking for somebody more local- in Melbourne who is easily reachable and can pre-empt us on the do's and don'ts, what we need, what to look out for, generally informing us upfront of stuff rather than only mentioning it later when something turns up.
        Any good leads from personal experience , good or bad, would be most welcome!