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Niece visit visa application refused

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Hi everyone

I applied on my niece behalf for a visitor visa 600. I made mistake and applied for a tourist visa as I was not aware of sponsored visit visa.

the officer refused the application as she believes the applicant hasn't provided her travel history and a genuine intention to return to her home country.

my niece is a 19 years old student and never travelled abroad. I explained this in the application as well so I am not sure why the officer is not satisfied 


i am wondering is it wise to reapply for a family sponsored visa ?


what are the chances of refusal or approval ?


She is from iran and I am an Australian citizen.






Reza & Zahra,EA Assessment 21 APR 10,SS 18 Aug 10,176 lodged 01 Sep 2010, Co 15 Dec 2010, PCC and Meds call 11 OCT 2011, Visa Granted 07 Nov 2011, Aussie Citizen 19-Sep-2016:arghh:

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You will struggle with a visitor visa from Iran as it is considered a high risk country for Migration purposes. You will need to provide strong evidence of intention to return home such as family, employment, study etc.

A family sponsored visitor visa will have a stronger chance of success, but you will most likely have to post a hefty bond.



Raul T Senise

Registered Migration Agent

MARN 0636699


"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."



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