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Rental Property: Amazing opportunity for environmentally aware couple

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This is a first post, so I apologise to any moderators if I transgress any forum rules (I have also posted this on the NT board).

We are dual nationals who have been in Australia since 1999 and living in the Top End since 2002.  We have a rural property on 23 acres of land about 40kms south of Darwin.  The property was previously a mango orchard and we bought it with the express intention of revegetating and restoring the property, and after fifteen years of hard work we have made significant achievements.  Due to external circumstances we have to move back to the UK.

Although the house is on the market for sale we are also exploring the possibility of renting; however, this is a unique and very special piece of land and we are seeking potential 'tenants' who will both appreciate the flora and fauna and look after both the house and the land.  Sadly, the average Australian renter (in the NT at least) does not have the best reputation.

Living here we can guarantee you will have incredible experiences of unique plants and animals without having to travel to a tourist haunt. Creatures we share the land with include: agile wallabies, possums, bandicoots, hopping mice, over a hundred species of birds, frogs, native toads, different snake species including pythons over 3m long.  And if you want you can spy on both fresh and salt water crocodiles.  

The house has two airconned bedrooms, a renovated kitchen, a large bathroom, laundry and verandahs; there is solar hot water, on grid solar and a solar bore, so utilities bills are minimal.  We would be happy to leave some furniture as required.

We would expect you to do some mowing when required, spray weeds when needed and manage and tidy the garden.  You will also need to show some initiative as occasional problems arise.  More than anything you will need to love, respect and appreciate nature.

Rent is negotiable but we are looking to cover our costs and would be using a property agent as a local point of contact.  Available from September onwards. We would prefer a 6 to 12 month commitment.

This is a great opportunity for a couple looking for a new adventure.  Darwin has lots of employment possibilities and is often seen as a good place to advance one's career.

You can find out more about the property at
and more about the flora and fauna at

If you need any further information please send a PM.

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