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Hi there

I'm a 32 year old fully qualified electrician from Wales U.K. and have decided after years of talk to move to the Gold Coast, Queensland with my wife and 3 children. I have run my own successful electrical company for over ten years now and am really interested in taking the plunge for a lifestyle change.

My one main concern is the reality of finding work once I'm there.  Once I have sold up I am considering going out alone for a month or two just to be sure I can find a job as I don't want to drag my wife and children over if it doesn't work out as planned..

I have done a bit of research and learnt that before I move I should get my OSTR in place, obtain my white card and apply for my provisional electrical licence while I'm in the uk so it saves time rather than doing it in Australia, hence speeding up the process while I'm there. Please correct me if I'm wrong but can I apply for a provisional licence while I'm in the uk?

I understand that you can only do gap training in Australia, is that true also or can you do the theory part to it in UK? And just do the logbook part in Aus??  Can anyone advise the best way to approach/contact possible employers either it be through an agency or either by turning up and talking to them face to face when I'm in the area? Any help would be so much appreciated from anyone who's been through this similar process..

Many thanks 


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