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Guest davecon


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    Guest davecon

    HI all, do i need to give all my employment details even if they are not relevant to the trade im applying for? I trained to be a hairdresser 9 years ago so before this my employment had nothing to do with my trade. any help would be appreciated. sue.

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      • By Haider Ali

        Does TRA requires any sort of video evidence of the employment?
        Anyone knows anything about this?
        Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
      • By Haider Ali
        Hello   I am a newbie to this forum! I tend to update this thread with my PR journey.  I haven't applied for even assessment yet. Will be needing your guy's suggestions etc   I am going to apply for the 189 Cabinet Maker (3941) and I have a few questions regarding the points before sending the EOI.   Let's say If I get 60 points, is there a long time to wait for the invitation or since there is almost no one applying as cabinet maker, would it go faster since this trade is in demand in Australia but only a few people apply. Or do all trades end up in the same pile? You know what I am trying to ask!

        I have checked the Occupation Ceiling 2017/2018 for Cabinet Maker on it's 1905 for year 2017/2018 and none has been granted yet. My current location is Pakistan (if that helps).

      • By Stevefife
        Did anyone find a way round the TRA assessment for the skilled visas as the UK training isn't recognised?
        I've read back on some of the previous posts regarding this but the threads and links are dated and just wondering if there are any up to date links available?
      • By Ninas
        Hi Everyone,
        Am new to this forum ,and really seek guidance.
        After visiting Melbourne on work I have fallen in love with the place and really want to settle down there.I have applied for PR under skilled 189 visa and hopefully will make it( fingers crossed) but my main concern is with my boyfriend getting a PR. He too is securing sufficient points for skilled independent189 visa but has a medical condition.
        He had had a transplant 2 years back for kidney failure with FSGS. But now he is absolutely fine and doing good,working and living all by himself.His doctor too is very hopeful and actually quite certain that he is not going to face dialysis or kidney rejection anywhere in near future. He is 26 years old and his medical costs are within 25000 AUD a year. In case of medical expense being a problem we can ship whole year's drug from India and also as am O +ve, am his living donor for future.
        Does he stand a chance of getting a PR as settlement will become impossible with me only receiving the PR.
        I look forward to help ,kindly guide us so that we can realize our dream of starting a life in Melbourne.
        Warm Regards