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Bachelor of nursing in Sydney !!

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Hello everyone !! I am now wanting to pursue my career in nursing so I am thinking to apply for bachelor of nursing course for upcoming. Autumn which will be next year in australia. I got background of social work but few years back (2010). I finished diploma but never worked as a social worker. Any ideas about what is going to be like a future nurse in australia ? Plese suggest me is it going to be a good career for a long term Coz I am already in my 36th birthday so it is going to be too late for me if I choose the wrong path at this stage. Any ideas, suggestions and experience of your path will be heartily welcome [emoji1374]



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Studying in Australia can be very expensive (you don't say if you're already here).  If you're not here then it will be international fees and if you're on a student visa - restricted hours of work during term time.  if you're PR domestic fees (no financial assistance).

Whilst nursing generally has an aging workforce, I know here in WA there are a number of recent graduates who have been unable to secure posts on qualifying. 


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