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Queries on ACS Skills Assessment for ICT Business Analyst (Code: 261111)

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Hello All,

Hope you’re all doing well!

I’m planning to apply for the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) as an ICT Business Analyst (Code: 261111). I am filling the visa application myself and would like genuine advice from folks who have filed their applications without the help of an agent and got a positive result in the ACS skills assessment. I have the ACS Summary of Criteria and the documentation checklist but their method seems a bit complicated for a layman to understand.  

I am interested to know where I fit in when submitting the documents for assessment. Would appreciate if fellow members to shed some light on the following application types:

- Skill Assessment

-  Recognition for prior learning (RPL)


Here is my scenario:

-          BTech in Industrial Engineering (2002-2006) in India – 4-year course equivalent to BEng. This is not an ICT course but does have a few optional subjects on Management Info.Systems, Computer Programming / Numerical methods, C, CAD

-          Software Developer at ABC Tech company from 2006-2008 in India – 2 years 3 months, into front and back end development.

-          MSc in International Business (2008-2009) from the UK – 1-year, not an ICT course

-          Audit Associate II at a Big 4 firm (2010-2011) in UK – 1 year, not related to ICT but gained essential financial skill set.

-          Currently working as Senior Business Analyst at a global MNC in India (Since 2012) – 5 years 3 months, related to the skilled visa category I am applying for.

 Total work experience: 8 years 5 months

Taking the above scenario into consideration, here are my questions:

a.      Should I go for “Skill Assessment” or “RPL” type of application?

b.      Should I submit certified copies of both Bachelors and Masters transcripts?

c.       Should I go ahead and submit 3rd party statutory declarations for all my work experiences?

d.      How many points do I fetch with the above experience and qualifications?

e.       Can I submit supporting documentation such as copies of certifications like PMP, Black Belt?

f.        How long does it take for ACS to give a recommendation??

 Looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Thanks!

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Hi Abhi,

even the same query & the process looks simple however the documentation is confusing.


you mentioned that you have the document checklist that needs to be submitted to for Business Analyst (ICT 261111)

could you please help me with the checklist if possible or you can share the link etc. where i can find one


appreciate your help

Thank & Regards

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Hello Abhi,

It seems that there is a lot that you are not sure of.  In this case perhaps you should seek professional advice?


Stephen Dickson

Migration Outcomes Australia | ACS RPL Specialist

MARN 0640511 | www.migrateaus.com.au

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Hello Vijay,

You're correct. The process is simple, the documentation aspect of it is difficult. At the start of the process in July, I was confused which ACS route to apply for.

I had to refer multiple forums and get suggestions from folks who already applied through ACS to consolidate my understanding. I submitted my ACS- RPL application on 5th Nov, writing up the RPL project report and gathering all the required docs took time for me. Hope it shouldn't take that long for you though.  

For the application checklist, click on the following link: https://www.acs.org.au/msa/information-for-applicants.html. At the bottom of the page, you will find all the artefacts.

I'm yet to receive an update from ACS on my skill assessment letter. Current wait times for ACS-RPL application is anything between 6-8 weeks.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Kind Regards,



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