Any Teachers Applying Now?

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No, happily retired from Education now, thank heavens, but after a life time still have acquaintances in the field. It's not an occupation I would be recommending to either of my kids. Teaching doesn't require a high yr 12 score so it's almost the last resort of some students to get into Uni hence the numbers being churned out, a great percentage of which will not get jobs. Departments do like new grads when they do their recruitment though because they cost less and are likely to be less demanding with placements if they are desperate for work. In some states self managing schools will go for the cheaper options and short term contracts so they don't have to fork out holiday pay. Having been around a while I've seen some very talented and experienced and, in one case, highly specialised teachers move states and still not have a permanent job several years down the track. My sister in law has a specialised early literacy qualification and has gone from short term contracts now to nothing. In Australia merit is not necessarily the basis on which jobs are allocated!

If you've got a permanent position where you are take a career break, do not quit.

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9 hours ago, sammy11480 said:

Hi, Thanks for the info. So I take it that you are or were a UK teacher in Sydney? Do you mind me asking which Visa route you took and whether you ever managed to get permanent work? Many thanks.

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Yes I was in Sydney for 2 years, only on a working holiday visa. So maybe that might have restricted my prospects a bit. I'm almost finished my Masters now and then I'll be applying to return on a 189 as an SEN teacher. If you're willing to work in SEN then you probably have more chance of getting something long term, I did 2 full terms in one SEN school out west and was a regular at another in Bondi after that. 

I know lots of the feedback on here is a bit negative but I think if you're lucky then something can definitely work out! 

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Beaty    105
On 12 August 2017 at 11:28, mistryh said:


Hi Beaty and Joey, (as you have both submitted your EOI's,

I have noticed that on the final submit page of the EOI  it accumulates the same number of points "The EOI for this subclass is able to be completed. The client's claims equal 65 points" - regardless of if I select yes or no for the one year relevant teaching experience I have.

Which makes me think, would my EOI stand out more as I would be selecting that I  have some sort of relevant experience?
If my points total 65: age 30, degree 15, ielts 20, then I would not be claiming points for experience. I that makes sense.
I would ofcourse be able to provide evidence for the one year relevant experience I have. But i would not be required to satisfy the points for the employment as the final points total of 65 does not include this? It looks like I wouldn't be claiming unecessary points for employment if i select yes for that one year?

What do you think? Thanks!

You have 65 points, without 'Experience Related Points'? 

It doesn't make a difference how those points are accumulated.


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mistryh    10

Hi all,

In case you haven't heard of it. Please click on my signature to take you to [https://myimmitracker.com/]

Brilliant for seeing when people get their invites compared to when they submitted. And same for visa grants etc....

If as many people could upload their basic case details (no personal info required). Only the details you see in the signatures of folks in this forum.Then it would be awesome to keep track of the progress being made for those in your own job code etc and just in general.

Hope it is ok to post this here.


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