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Born in AUS want to move to UK

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On 6/21/2017 at 03:18, RandL said:

 i am living in the UK at the moment , as an Aussie citizen, but also have lived many years in Germany.

Still visit multiple times a year.

And if i would have to go through the process of relocating to Europe again , i would definitely choose Germany next time, especially now with Brexit potentially limiting your future options .

So no, as someone who has been through the visa process ( living 30 years in germany, 25 years in Australia and 5 years in UK)  , i  didn't have a dig , based on my experience I was offering an alternative seeing that they already hold german passports.



My brother is English.  He reluctantly moved to Germany for work 12 years ago and has never moved back to England, changed his perspective on everything.

He can speak German but rarely uses it...it's more useful for reading and English is the common language spoken in his workplace, on public transport, in restaurants etc...   If you were betting on the better place to invest and have a stable future, you would not choose the UK right now, at least for a few years and then evaluate what mentality of society remains, what sort of leadership, and what standard of living they're going to end up with....social and family-orientated it will not be under the current leadership. 

With an easier pathway into potential German habitation already, it's a no brainer.   You can visit the UK easily as a tourist...it's faster for my brother to get from Frankfurt to St Pancras than it is for him to get from there to Birmingham on our train system.

The other thing i read about recently is how Germany is attracting Americans away from US universities because of the lack of tuition fees, and degree courses are being re-aligned to English to offer a universal course for foreigners.  The kids get an English language degree, study and work  experience in a foreign country.  Compare that to the UK, Oz and the US where big uni's are just becoming commercial businesses now aimed at the Asian market with the richest students as the targets.


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