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Neha Narang

Query related to ICT related educational qualification evaluation

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Am have few queries regarding academics/educational qualification evaluation (ICT related) by ACS.


Preface – Two parallel studies carried out. Primary qualification is Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com – 3 years) through correspondence. Secondary qualification is Diploma in Computer Applications from DOEACC Society, i.e. O level diploma course of two semesters (10 hour / per week) followed by A level diploma (in continuity to O level) of two semesters (15 hours / per week).


Q 1 – How to treat the overall qualification, will it be considered Full time or Part time?

Q 2 – What’ll be overall coverage of ICT content, will it be considered ICT Major, ICT Minor or ICT Diploma?

Q 3 – How many years of ICT related work experience will be considered/consumed to meet the eligibility?  


Will appreciate some insight and clarity in the said question… Thanks…!


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I doubt anyone on a public forum would be able to give you a clear answer since it depends on the course content, so this would need to be assessed by either a migration agent or take your chances sending it in the ACS.  There are several good migration agents who post regularly on this forum who could help you.

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