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189 Visa - Medical + Police checks

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    I will be submitting my EOI soon for 189 Visa. My partner will be included in my application. Once the EOI is submitted, we will arrange medical examinations. Does my partner need to have the medical too? I have my HAP ID as I have already signed up to E-Medical via my Immi Account. I can't work out if my partner also needs to sign up to E-Medical to get her own HAP ID. She isn't applying for her own visa, as she is part of my application.

    I had to select which visa I was applying for when I registered with E-Medical, but obviously my partner won't be applying for the visa herself, I couldn't see anywhere to include her....

    Any advice please? 

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    Yes, everyone needs a medical and police check  

    I would not recommend getting them yet as you have to make first entry into Australia within 12 months of the police check or medical, which ever was first. There can be a thousand things that cause delays in processing, particularly at the moment as there are changes being implemented that is causing extra work of the department. It also doesn't speed up the process as they just sit in the background until the point the case officer would have requested them  


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    Thanks for your reply.

    Just wondering how my partner would apply for the medical when it comes to it? All we can see when she tries to register for "my health declarations" via her immi account, is a selection box where she has to say what visa she is applying for - but she isn't actually applying for her own visa. We can't see what the best way is for her to get her own HAP ID to arrange her medical.


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