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Hi Everyone, I thought this may be the best place to bring my query, curious to see if anyone may be able to help? 
I currently hold a WHV 417, however I have just received funding from a UK entity which will enable me to submit a EOI to apply for the business innovation visa 188. 
The 188 visa allows 4 years in the country to start a business which is what my final intentions would be. I would've considered getting my 2nd year visa however I am not in a position where I can afford to lose 3 months doing agriculture work as my time is mainly invested in business start up.

Would anyone possibly know if I am able to apply for visa 188 on a WVH in Australia? Also if anyone had any more knowledge about visa 188 itself?
Any kind of info at this stage would be great, thanks everyone!

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Hi Rob,

I haven't seen too many posts about 188 visas so they don't seem to be as common as other subclasses.  Perhaps arrange a consultation with a migration agent to get some general guidance to get yourself start in the right direction.

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