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Documents for VETASSESS 'Not Claiming Points'

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I'm planning to apply to vetassess for mkt specialist qualification.

I have a bachelor in Business Admin with a concentration on Marketing.

I also worked for over a year in a marketing job post qualification and full-time.

The fact is, as VETASSESS requires 1 year job exp for an applicant on 'Mkt Specialist', but

I am not/cannot claiming points for my experience

But I need 5 points from state sponsorship (NT)


In this case, do I need to submit documents like payslip/tax record/salary certificate to prove my work exp, or any chance the CO may want them? What DIBP may want?

I can provide job recom letter, responsibilities and contract.

Please note that I will seek state sponsorship, so whether DIBP may want payslip/tax record/salary etc. or not?

Because I have seen posts where people not claiming points said that the CO didn't ask for such docs and they never submitted those docs. However, I know people claiming points for work exp must submit them.

Can you please help me on this issue? Is there anyone who received a positive assessment from VETASSESS with a similar profile and what docs did he/she need to submit?



Early thanks.

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My oh is in the process for the skills assessment just waiting on technical interview. He also isn't claiming work experience his just short of 3 years but he still had to submit all the payslips, contracts, qualifications etc etc 

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You still need to verify the 1 year to meet Vetassess skills requirements, so that means reference and pay evidence to cover the year.

That evidence can be submitted for the visa as well if the state sponsored visa requires work experience.



Richard Gregan Registered Migration Agent 9905168, MIA 880


Direct telephone 0131 625 6900


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