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Photo evidence for partner visa..

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Hi All,

Just wondering how many photos people would suggest uploading as evidence, and what type of content? Just my partner and I, or photos of us with our daughter/family/friends? Also, could I email the photo to myself from my phone albums, then print it off and scan it to them? (That way it will have the date it was taken on it) and should write a description on it? Sorry for so many questions in o e, it's just I've read conflicting info so now not sure!!


Thank you!



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I submitted about half a dozen from over the years. A wedding pic, one of us at a family wedding a few years later with all husbands family and then a few from over the years after our child was born of us together (so newborn, toddler and school age sort of thing). I wrote a line or two for each one as to the content and date wise put only the year iirc. It was pretty clear to see they were taken years apart.

You don't need masses. 

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I created a word document which had a heading and a table with 2 columns
Each cell had 1 picture.
6-8 pictures per page. 3-5 pages.
When finished, I printed the document to pdf format.

Social aspects of the relationship
1 document: Pictures of us with friends/family
1 document: Pictures of us with friends/family at our wedding & reception

Commitment we have made to each other
1 document: Pictures of us as a couple (no-one else in these photos)

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Nov 2014: PMV submitted in UK via Migration Agent | Sept 2015: PMV granted | Dec 2015: Arrived in Australia | March 2016: Got married | May 2016: Onshore Partner Visa 820/801 submitted via ImmiAccount | June 2016: 820 visa granted

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I uploaded one photo of us for each year from 2003 (start of our relationship) to 2010, then a family photo including our daughter from 2011 onwards until 2016 within the social file that I uploaded.  You don't need loads of photographs as your other evidence should speak for itself!

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309/100 lodged 03.02.2017 - Meds/UK Police requested 10.02.17 - AFP requested 04.03.2017 - Health Clearance 05.04.17 - AFP uploaded 26.04.17 - 100 Granted 02.05.2017 - arrived Melbourne 16.06.2017 and now living our dream!!

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