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Help visa 189 application: Should I select ‘Master degree’ or ‘Other–Non AQF accreditation’ in the education part?

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Hi everyone,

I’m about to submit my visa application (189) today but I just got one last doubt on the education history part:

I graduated from a Bachelor degree (Electrical Engineering) back in France and it is my Nominated occupation for the 189 visa. (Engineers Australia assessed my skills only based on my undergrad qualifications in France).
Now, I am currently studying a Master degree in Sydney in a different field (commerce), not related to the nominated occupation for the visa 189. (I will only graduate at the end of this year and I am not claiming any points for it).
When I’m at the Education part, I need to choose a ‘Qualification’ for my Postgrad studies in Australia.

Should I select ‘Master degree’ or ‘Other – Non AQF accreditation’?

It would make sense to select ‘Other – Non AQF accreditation’ since I’m not claiming any points, however, since AQF stands for Australian Qualification Framework, it made me doubt...

Thank you,

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