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Working holiday visa while waiting on 190?

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Hi Everyone,

I've been reading through this forum for a little while and know that you can all offer really helpful advice! So I have a question which I have tried googling and looking through pomsinoz for, but can't seem to find a concrete answer for (no doubt somebody will tell me I've been blind! :))

Myself and my husband (me as main applicant) are looking at applying for the 190 skilled independent visa with NSW state nomination. I am a chartered accountant with 4 years post qualified experience and would get maximum points for age. If I aim for superior english results in IELTS (I'm sure this is no mean fete) and my husband can get his skills assessed (15 years in IT but with few notable qualifications) then I am hopeful of 80 points (inclusive of the 5 for state nomination).

Even so I am aware of the length of time this can take and was hoping to be over there by the end of the year, so finally I get to my actual question - could I get a working holiday visa whilst I am waiting for the 190 and go to Sydney and be finding work on that? I am still within the age range, and it was the original plan to just go out on a WHV and hope for sponsorship, but with recent changes to temporary visas we are looking at setting the ball rolling on a pr visa now. But I would still like to be getting out to Oz sooner rather than later.

I am sure I have seen that people go out on a WHV and then apply for pr whilst onshore, so I assume this would be no different? I just haven't found a case of somebody who applied for pr from the uk, then applied for a WHV and travelled to Australia whilst awaiting the pr visa outcome. Has anybody done this, or known somebody who has?

Sorry for the rambling, I just hope somebody can help me shine a light on this. 

Many Thanks :)

Accountant (General) 221111

PTE Taken 27/04/17 / PTE Positive Result 28/04/17 (90/90/90/90) 

CPA Skills Assessment applied 08/05/17 / CPA Skills Assessment Received 02/06/17 / CPA Skilled Work Experience Confirmed 09/06/17

EOI Submitted 09/06/17 (189: 75, 190: 75+5) / ITA Received (189) 09/08/17

Visa Applied 11/08/17 - VISA GRANTED 12/09/17!!! :D

Arrived in Sydney, Australia 01/11/17 B|

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