Which Bank for dad on 12 month visitor visa ?

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Can I open an account for my dad, if so which ? he arrives in 3 weeks and wants to open his own account if possible and transfer UK money over through that period and use on return visits etc.

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Hi Cherries002,

At NAB Migrant Banking we open bank accounts for Migrants who are moving to Australia to work & live there. If you Dad is coming to visit for a holiday, we won't be able to open an account for him.

Your Dad will need to go to the following link to apply for a bank account before his arrival, once the application has been completed, the account will be opened within 3-5 working days. He will then receive a welcome letter with all the account details and the branh he needs to attend to have his identification meeting.

I have included the link for you:

All the best to  your Dad on his travels to Australia.



Migrant Banking Team


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