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Urgent Citizenship Ceremony - Gold Coast/Brisbane

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Ours was lovely, only 70 people, with 7 groups of 10 doing the oath at the same time. The shire had laid on refreshments afterwards - wine/soft drinks and canapes. We didn't get a plant though.

Ours was lovely too. We could have waited and had it on Australia Day which would have been a bigger affair but we opted for a smaller more private one. We listened to an Aboriginal Elder and had refreshments afterwards, wine and nibbles. We went for a lovely family meal afterwards feeling very pumped and proud.

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We have just been told our application for Australian Citizenship has been approved and now have to wait up to 6 months for the ceremony.


I have just been accepted into University to complete my Masters and was really hoping to obtain an urgent ceremony to HECs my fees (I have been told by people that this is sometimes possible).


We live on the Gold Coast. Can anyone please let me know if they have managed to do this and if so how. Oh and can anyone tell me how often the ceremonies are held on the Gold Coast too please. Thanks in advance!


Not sure if you are still looking for processing times but as of yesterday the Department released "Global Visa and Citizen Processing Times" which will be updated monthly - The current processing time for citizenship is 10-12months. Website link below:



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