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Hey all


I just joined the forum, it's been a while since I was active on any but I assume things are still roughly the same, search first and if you post something in the wrong section people lose there minds. I wasn't sure if this was the correct section but it didn't fit in anywhere else so apologies if this needs to be moved or reposted somewhere else.


I am looking at buying a car in Queensland, I think I have found a bargain but there is a catch. Its got 7 months Rego but no RWC, it's got an electrical problem I am confident I can fix and it's so cheap I can't just walk awa (Because the guy seems to think its a bigger problem than I do)


Having never brought a car in oz (Or anywhere else to be honest) how would that work, could rego be transferred to me and as long as I towed it to the place I am going to repair it I justs get the RWC sorted once its read to roll?


Thanks in advance!

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In QLD it is illegal to sell a car with rego but no RWC. it either has to have a RWC or be sold unregistered. Both you and the seller could be fined for entering into this type of agreement. Steer clear if they try to sell with Rego and no RWC..

You cannot transfer the rego without the RWC,

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Don't worry we don't bite here if things are in the wrong forum a moderator will usually move them like Cal as done for you.

SRP026 is correct, you can buy the car without a RWC but the owner of the vehicle now would have to return the number plates back to Qld Transport. To get new registeration you would then have to take it for a safety certificate/road worthy. Now this may be why the seller is parting with it so cheap. If I were you I would take it to a mechanic and ask them to do a test safety certificate, it will cost you around $65 but you will then know how much it will cost to fix.

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Forgot to say don't forget you have to pay a tax on the vehicle when you buy.

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Hi Guys, thanks for the pointers and links. I was not aware I had to pay tax!? I will have a read up on it. Gave up on the one I was looking at but I am currently looking for a Falcon with Rego/RWC in Brisbane.

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Have a look at the red book to check how much you should be paying for a car https://www.redbook.com.au/


Rates of stamp duty differ across all Australian states and territories, so look below to see what you'll have to pay in the state where you are.


New South Wales

Stamp duty is based on either the market value of your car, or what you paid for it - whichever is greater.


$44,999 or less - 3 per cent ($3 per $100)

$45,000 or more - $1350 plus $5 per $100.





Stamp duty rates in Queensland are based on the engine type of the car you are buying.


Hybrid and electric vehicles - 2 per cent ($2 per $100)

1 to 4 cylinders, 2 rotors or a steam vehicle - 3 per cent ($3 per $100)

5 to 6 cylinders, 3 rotors - 3.5 per cent ($3.50 per $100)

7 or more cylinders - 4 per cent ($4 per $100)


South Australia

For private vehicles, the rates of stamp duty in South Australia are based on the price of the car.


Up to $1000 - 1 per cent ($1 per $100), with a minimum payment of $5.

$1001 - $2000 - $10 plus 2 per cent ($2 per $100) for every dollar over $1000

$2001 - $3000 - $30 plus 3 per cent ($3 per $100) for every dollar over $2000

More than $3001 - $60 plus 4 per cent ($4 per $100) for every dollar over $3000.


For commercial vehicles, the same rates apply up to $2000. If the value of the vehicle exceeds $2000 the rate of stamp duty is $30 plus 3 per cent ($3 per $100) for every dollar over $2000.




Stamp duty rates for the Apple Isle are based on the vehicle's market value.


Up to $600 - $20 flat rate.

$600 - $34,999 - 3 per cent ($3 per $100).

$35,000 - $39,999 - $1050 plus 11 per cent ($11 per $100) for every dollar over $35,000.

$45,000 and over - 4 per cent ($4 per $100)



In Victoria, different stamp duty rates apply depending on whether the car you are buying is new or used and is charged on either the market value of the car or the purchase price (whichever is greater).


For new vehicles

Up to $61,884 - 3.2 per cent ($1.30 per $100)

Over $61,885 - 5.7 per cent ($5.20 per $100)


For non-passenger new vehicles, stamp duty is charged a flat rate of 2.7 per cent ($2.60 per $100).


If you are buying a used car, the rate of stamp duty is 4.2 per cent ($4.20 per $100) across the board.


Unlike some other states, the stamp duty is collected by the dealer, whereas if you are buying privately it is paid directly to VicRoads by the purchaser.


Western Australia

WA charges stamp duty based on the 'dutiable value' of the vehicle, which is either the manufacturers' list price (for new vehicles) or a reasonable market value (for used cars).


Up to $25,000 - 2.75 per cent ($2.75 per $100)

$25,001 - $50,000 - 2.75 per cent plus an additional rate calculated on the price of the car above $25,000.

Over $50,000 - 6.5 per cent ($6.50 per $100)


Australian Capital Territory

In the ACT, stamp duty is based on a combination of a car's price and how it is rated by the federal government's Green Vehicle Guide.


Cars are broken up into four classes: A, B, C, and D. Class A is for the "greenest" models and Class D is the other end of the spectrum. Cars not rated by the Green Vehicle Guide are classified as Class C.


For vehicles valued at $45,000 or less

Class A - No stamp duty payable

Class B - 2 per cent ($2 per $100)

Class C - 3 per cent ($3 per $100)

Class D - 4 per cent ($4 per $100)


For vehicles valued over $45,000

Class A - No stamp duty payable

Class B - $900 plus 4 per cent ($4 per $100) for every dollar over $45,000

Class C - $1350 plus 5 per cent ($5 per $100) for every dollar over $45,000

Class D - $1800 plus 6 per cent ($6 per $100) for every dollar over $45,000



Northern Territory

For cars in the Northern Territory, stamp duty is calculated at a rate of 3 per cent ($3 per $100) of the dutiable value of the car.

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