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Poem for a Eulogy for a Difficult Person - Ideas?

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Who says it has to be a "church thing"? Most of the funerals I've been to in the last few years haven't been held in a church, haven't been conducted by a minister of religion and haven't had anything "churchy" about them. Rather, they are a commemoration of someone's life...complete with a photographic presentation of their life, contributions from anyone who wanted to speak (sometimes spontaneously) and music that was meaningful to them (my husband's included Mark Knopfler's soundtrack from "Cal" and "Local Hero" and Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb"...because he'd always joked about wanting that played at his funeral. :cute:)


Having experienced 3 close funerals in 5 months (my husband, sister and father), I can confirm that having friends gather together for an "appropriate" service is enormously comforting for those left behind grieving - not just family, but friends as well. My only experience of a "non funeral" - when a friend of ours died in her 40s and didn't want a funeral - left us all feeling flat and, somehow, not being able to do justice to a wonderful lady.


Spot on post. I have only been to three funerals, parents and sister within a six year space. We were not at church, there was a minister for my father but not for my mother as she was atheist, I am not sure how to refer to the person that administered that ceremony, but it was organised very easily through the undertaker. Lots of people opt for a non religious ceremony.


Yes, I've been to a couple like that. My OH has stated he wants something similar. Still not for me. I'm a bit odd that way. There will be funds for whoever wants to go for a knees up in the local pub/club or whatever my sons/OH want to do after I'm gone. All in all (I hope) I'll be remembered fondly by those who love me.


But that is the point. It is not for you. It is for other people. You might think you are doing them a favour but the reality is you quite probably aren't. Whilst funerals are obviously sad, they are also comforting and bring closure.

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If I died in my sleep tonight I wouldn't expect my sister or any of my UK friends or my friends on the mainland to come to say goodbye after I was dead. Most of them know (especially my sister) about my wishes.


Parley is just trying to get a response. Any of us could die literally in the next second and none would have had the opportunity to say goodbye. I'm with you no church nonsense, it's only to make religious people feel better anyway.

Loving life in Gods Country. Woohoo, look at me. 

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