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Property Advice in QLD

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Hi All,


I have created a group called Poms Property Advice, QLD on Facebook. This group is for POMS moving over or are already here. If your looking for advice on how to purchase, sell, rent, buy an investment property, schools, area profiles, etc. It would be good to keep all of this information in one group. I remember this being one of our biggest worries and costs moving down under.

I currently work in real estate in Brisbane and have access to a team of professionals covering the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast and am happy to share my knowledge. I would like this group to be more of a community and for people to share there own knowledge and experiences with different locations, schools, commute times, good and bad points etc.


I am also going to be holding social events in Cleveland for all the POMS once a month. It will also include local business who will be their to offer free advice on mortgages, financial planning, accounting, renting, purchasing property, investing in property, recruitment, training, book keeping, CV writing and more! Keep an eye on the Facebook group as i will be posting all information on here.

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