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Guest themacs

Sponsership for dyrliner/ceiling fixer

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Guest themacs

Hi does anybody know of any companies or agencies that sponser people from uk ?

Mu partner is a dryliner/ceiling fixer with 15 years experience but has no formal qualifications and as you are all aware pathway d is nolonger around, we are looking into different routes and ways around this problem. so if anybody out there can help we would greatly appreciate your help.:arghh:




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Guest Gollywobbler

Hello themacs


Welcome to Poms in Oz.


Are you aware that it might be possible (I am not sure) for OH to undertake a workplace based assessment in the UK, leading to the award of the Australian AQFIII qualification? Armed with this plus a minimum of four years of recent, releavnt trade experience OH could then obtain a positive skills assessment under TRA Pathway E.


With a positive skills assessment under his belt, OH might be eligible for a skilled independent visa instead. Tat would be a better option if you can get it.


There is a company called ACTS/Trade Train that does these workplace assessments in the UK. I have heard that the charge is £3,750 but apprently they are very helpful and help you to prepare the TRA assessment, plus can arrange the issue of a General Safety Induction Card (blue card???) that most people need. I do not know the exact details but several people on here are using ACTS and speak very highly of them.


Their UK website is below. Find out exactly what happens in exchange for the money, I would suggest. A Permanent Residency visa on Day One would save more than £3,50 in the long run, so it would definitely be doing the TRA Pathway E route if you can afford to, I would suggest.


ACTS UK | Welcome to Trade Train


Click on the link to their UK website if the link does not default to that automatically.


Best wishes



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Hi everyone we are new to this. We were just reading different threads to try & gather some advice and was wondering if anyone could offer some help?

We are currently living in the uk but are hopeing to move to perthWA but are at a loss of what to do next?

My husband is a dryliner with over 8 yrs experience, but has not worked within this trade for 2 years now due to lack of available work. Unfortunately this means he cannot regain the required 12 months experience within the last 24 months, until the building industry picks up anyway.

We have done lots of research and been to expos and have found out that he needs his aqf3 and would need to do his ielts. Neither of these would be unobtainable but he just cannot regain the 12 months recent experience neccesary.

We are aware that getting a company to sponsor us would also be an option but this is no easy task as im sure others are aware. We have emailed a number of companys but dont get replys!

If anyone can offer any help or advice on what to do next we would extremely appreciative. Thanku. :err:

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This thread is a very old one. I suggest you put a post in the migration part of the forum and someone may have more information for you.


:ssign15:taking no prisoners :wink:

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