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Legal separation in the UK - any info?

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OK, thanks everyone for the advice and I have taken careful note of it all. I think I'm going to request admin to delete the thread as I worry I'm maybe revealing a bit too much of my niece's situation on a public forum and I'm not sure that's a good idea in the circumstances.


Thanks again all!

One thing to note - beware of the term 'legal separation' - there is such a thing as a legal separation, which some couples use instead of divorce (for instance, if their religion doesn't approve of divorce) . Effectively it means they are still married in law, but not in normal life - they are not free to remarry, for instance.


So if your relative is not married at all, then make sure this is clear when seeking legal advice - using the 'legal separation' term could confuse things.

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...........I don't think there have been any .......do gooders....!

...........if nothing else this thread has highlighted the difficulties such a relationship has....

...........the cost and time ......despite.......the injured party being in the right.....

..........the effect on that person.......

...........we can all find out the legalities ......

...........but havving the money and stamina to achieve at least a fair separation is not always easy.....

...........and havving the support and compassion from others is a need.......

............hope this ends well.........

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This was your original question and I answered this for you.....you then follow this up with.....




pretty strong words.....hence the mention of restraining orders if he is violent.......


This was followed by any number of dogooders that clearly have the monopoly on correct advise......rather than keep dragging this out either tell us what has been happening so we can help or end it because it is getting a little ridiculous.....you have sound advice.....you asked for websites to visit for advice on separation which were duly posted by me and others


What's wrong with using strong words if they are accurate?


As you so rightly say, I asked for pointers to websites and places to research her situation. I didn't ask for advice on how to actually deal with the abuse, so there's no need for me to detail it - and there's no cause for you to belittle or dismiss it either.


I find it astonishing that anyone would think it is normal behaviour to send vicious, abusive texts or emails to anyone at any time, even during a breakup. Swear words yes, but vicious - that's sick.

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