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Canberra meet-ups?

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We moved over to Brisbane in Dec 2010, loved it and made friends up there. We relocated to Canberra a year or so ago and although we like it here, we haven't yet made the same effort to get out there and meet people outside of work.


We'd be keen to meet up with any pomsinoz groups in ACT although there doesn't seem to be a lot of activity on here for Canberra events.


Are there any regular events or BBQs or people looking to start one?


We are in our late 30s have three kids (11, 8 and 3) and are originally from Liverpool. Although we spent a lot of time in the South East for work.

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Hi Aussieadventure! Did you get to find out if there was a Canberra based Poms in Oz meet up group? We are in Canberra for a second time after a year back in the UK ( to sort out a few things!). We'd be interested in occasional get together BBQ's, picnics etc...

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