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Bondi Public vs Bondi Beach Public schools

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I am moving to Bondi at the end of the year with two school aged children (they will be starting in year 6 and year 9 after the summer break). We are not at all religious so initially we just want to send our children to a local co-educational school. My youngest child will be in year 6. There appears to be two local schools we are interested in and I just wanted to see if anyone has any information on them - Bondi Public and Bondi Beach Public. I think we are in the catchment for both. My husband is already in Sydney and will be moving into our house at the end of the month. He is of course going to be getting appointments to visit schools, but I just want to try and get some ground work done from London if possible. I have very good friends locally but they are in the Catholic system (and so are most, if not all their friends) so not sure if they will be able to provide me with relevant information. My husband is Australian and our children will be naturalised by the time we arrive so we don't need to pay for state schooling (I understand that is why many expats go down the Catholic/private route if they are on 457 visas as they are going to have to pay anyway).


If anyone has any info good or less good (!) on either of these schools, that would be great. My primary aged child doesn't have any special needs etc., is fairly outgoing, finds making friends relatively easy, loves netball, gymnastics, dance, art and music. She is on the brighter side but I'm not looking for her to be pushed as this is a huge move for them and settling in, making friends and being happy is my top priority.



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Hi ...I have the exact same question, just two years on. How did it work out for you? Any advice based on your experiences? We're trying to choose between Bondi Beach Public and Bondi Public also.


Thanks in advance

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