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Gold Coast Socialising

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Hi Guys,


I have been in Oz for 10 years, but I spent most of that (9 years) in Perth, WA. I met lots of friends there from all over including Aussies, and it made life so much easier. Now I am in the Gold Coast, I bought a house in Labrador and I’m finding it harder to meet people. I think it is harder because I work away (FIFO) on a 3 week on 1 week off roster. I’m working up in Darwin though so that’s pretty cool…..


My mum is also here, she came over last year and she is struggling a bit also (she misses the UK friends). She was pretty brave really she moved to a country where she knew no one at 66 and took a risk. It’s been hard because she doesn’t meet people through work etc…and now I’ve cleared off working away again!


If anyone is interested in meeting up or knows of any specific Pommie meet ups we would love to hear from you. I like meeting people from all over but sometimes it’s nice to start with your roots! Hi Guys,




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Well done Mum!


Have a look on Facebook, there are several get together groups like 'expats on the Gold Coast'. I'm sure if you put a message on there they'd be able to help.

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