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Work exp calculation in RPL + Diploma

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I'm about to submit my application for assessment, and needed some clarification (with authoritative reference if possible) on how work experience is calculated in RPL application and for Diploma:





  • My brief profile is:
  • I have 12 years of work experience (June 2003 to present).
  • I completed MCSD (ACS recognized vendor certification) just this month.
  • I lack tertiary qualification so I'll be submitting an RPL.





Assuming all my 12 years are considered as 'relevant work experience', or say just 10yrs. 5yrs of that would be deducted to meet the 'skilled' requirement since I have a recognized diploma. Are the remaining years (5 or 7 depending on ACS consideration) counted towards skilled employment or not?

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I would say yes.


Given the discussion on another forum particularly "Sounds like the other posters here have explained things well - ACS requires 6 years for the RPL (recognition of prior learning) skills assessment - after the 6 years, you are considered skilled. If you had a closely related IT bachelor degree then it would be a different story - at ACS if you have a non-IT degree you can go for RPL instead (fortunate, as many skills assessors do not offer an RPL option). It sounds like you may have misunderstood the ACS regulations - that the 6 years essentially "substitutes" for an IT degree, and that just like an IT degree, you're only considered "skilled" when you've completed the degree. In your case you were considered skilled when you had completed the 6 years of work required for the RPL option."

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