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Guest Weemac

Importing a car from Thailand

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Guest Weemac

Hi all,


Bit of a strange dilemma this and will understand if there are few (if any) replies, but here goes anyway.:unsure:


I know that the cost of 2nd hand vehicles in Oz is quite high and am wondering whether or not it is a viable option to take my 4 year old Nissan Frontier to Oz. I used to work in Thailand and left the pick-up there with family. I think it would be a good vehicle for the area I am going to work in, 4 hours North of Perth.


It is of course Thai Spec, i.e. no heater...just various levels of coldness...3L ZDI diesel engine, 3 door, 4WD...not as comfortable as the Navara, but a good solid build.


So, the simple question is...viable or not..if so..any idea what to do??


Thanks all,


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