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IELTS v.s Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) | My personal findings

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Thank you for all reply. I’m applying 186 nomination visa. English is not my first language, just wondering can I exemptions English test if I’m holding British Passport-British National Overseas.

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I sat both the IElTS and PTE, I would recommend the PTE Academic over IELTS. I'm a native English speaker and didn't get the disired result with IElTS. I needed to achieve a high score, to award me with Superior English. Although PTE was also difficult, it was easier than IElTS to achieve high marks. I watched E2 language support tips on youtube, and sat some mock exams online to prepare. 

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PTE is easier than IELTS. I scored good marks in PTE. I checked all the tips and tricks given on youtube. In PTE, you just have to be fluent and confident. Content is not important, fluency is important. In PTE exam, do not leave any question unanswered. Complete your Test in given time. If you do not know the answer then too, speak something. Do not study too hard. Everything is on tricks.

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PTE is not an ‘easier’ test than the IELTS it is however a much more professional atmosphere when you’re undertaking the test and more fairly marked (computer based as opposed to a person). I undertook the IELTS three times and each time received 8 or above (usually 9) in reading, listening and speaking but 7.5 each time in writing. Yesterday I undertook the PTE and scored 90 (equivalent of 9 in IELTS). Clearly the IELTS’ subjective marking approach is failing test takers unfairly. What’s also unfair is that IELTS do not give specific feedback as to why your score was below par. 


Overall I would recommend PTE, not because it’s easier or because I received the desired score but because it’s a fairer system. 

AITSL Skills Assessment submitted: 02/01/19

Successful AITSL Skills Assessment: 25/02/19 (Early Childhood (Pre-Primary) Teacher) 

EOI lodged: 16/05/19 (SA 489)

SA sponsorship approved and invited to apply for 489: 29/06/19

Visa application submitted: 02/08/19

Visa granted: ?



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In what sense Torres? people want to achieve certain scores for different reasons.... most likely to achieve the most points by getting 9's

For the Thread

I did Ielts x 2 and Pte x 1

If you are a native english speaker, go for PTE... if youre not go for Ielts... PTE is pretty fast paced and if you have to re-read questions, you probably won't have time.

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Hi guys ,

I need a small help

I’ve submitted my 186 visa Direct Entry Stream  application through the company I work for 2 months ago . The question I wanna ask if anyone knows is, my wife as a secondary applicant got a IELTS result few days ago overall score 5 , W-5.5 L-5.5 R-4 and S-5.5 . Has she failed considering that one of the bands it’s less then 4.5 in this case R-4 but still overall score is 5. As a secondary applicant she have to pass Functional level of English but I can’t really understand what is saying on the immigration web page does it each band has to be at least 4.5 score or just a overall score of 4.5??? I know that secondary fee if she don’t pass Functional English is around $5000 . If anyone knows anything about this pls share the information guys I would much appreciate 


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I sat the PTE-A last week in Manchester, so here is my advice. Most of this is obvious, and already out there, but here it is anyway!.

  • The test is taken entirely on computer, and marked by computer.
    • This is good because it is scrupulously fair.
    • Its a bit impersonal because you wont speak to a real person. - this was a plus point for me, as I am a shy antisocial type!
    • It also carries with it, quirks of how it is marked. Some question types are totally straightforward and there isn't much you can do to prepare, but some questions are tricky and require knowledge of what the computer is looking for to do well.
  • Even if you are a native English speaker, you should at the very least familiarise yourself with the question format, and have some strategies of how to deal with those questions. You have to remember you are looking to satisfy a computer algorithm rather than a person.
  • You should take an official PTE-practice test very early on, so you can focus on areas to improve on. The practice test was exactly the same format and "feel" of the real test, and the scores done in the same way, by the same marking algorithms. My scores were almost identical between the practice and real test.
  • The question types I would spend most time preparing for and practicing are :
    • Essay - use a structure ( intro, argument for, argument against, my opinion / conclusion)
    • Re-tell lecture
    • Summarise lecture
    • Describe image
  • I found the speaking parts of the real test very challenging, as you take the test at the same time as many others in the same room, and you can hear them speaking. Everyone is trying to do their best, loud, clear BBC newsreader voice so it can be very distracting. You need to just focus on your own test which is hard to do.
  • The test can take up to 3 hours, but I was out of the room after less than 2 hours, I don't think I rushed anything, but I didn't use the 10 minute break, and after I answered each question moved immediately on to the next. I guess pacing is a personal preference but once I was in the zone I felt better banging through the questions rather than dwelling on them. 

For preparation, I used "E2 PTE Academic" free videos on youtube, where strategies for all the question types are presented, and which worked really well for me. Highly recommend their youtube channel, I have no idea what their paid courses are like. 

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can anyone tell me what they mean by stage 1 and stage 2 for the skills test for the 189 visa.



143 visa lodged 4.10.15

heading to the sunshine coast (caloundra)

extra documents requested 18/7/2019

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