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Please help me understand! 457 visa

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trying to help a friend from Portugal...her English isn't that great and understanding their visa situation is confusing..

please can someone explain for me...

my friends have moved over from Portugal ...( sorry don't want to use names) he got a 457 visa first and then brought over his wife and child a year later...they work for the same company so she has been there 2 years...

in Oct she tells me they can get their PR but still have to work for the company for 2 years..

this isn't right is it?!

things are messy with the company and they basically want out of sponsoring them..so their lives are a misery at work and how they are being treated but they are too scared to complain to fair work or anywhere in case they are deported!

what options have they got?

just want to help them make a better life!

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If they are applying for 187 rsms visa, it is correct that they are required to stay for 2 years after the visa is granted.


The company is under no obligation to sponsor them for PR after 2 years.



It would be best for them to spoeak to a registered migration agent to go through all their options if they wish to remain in Australia.

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