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ACS assessment and RPL

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According to the "Summary-of-Criteria-2014":



8 years relevant work experience completed anytime in past work history plus a successful RPL application




So someone with no tertiary qualifications but 8+ years of relevant work experience. What would be the assessment?


Considering 3 scenarios:





  1. 8yrs of experience substitutes for education? In that case, 15 points can be claimed for education? But that doesn't make sense.
  2. 8yrs of experience makes the person 'skilled'? In that case, 15 points can be claimed for work experience? Makes sense but ACS says it considers "skilled employment" on after the education has been completed which in this case is none.
  3. 8yrs of experience is acknowledged, and positive assessment provided. But no points, either for educaton or work experience can be claimed?



Can someone with a successful RPL application share their experience how it works?


Many thanks!

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8 years of experience + RPL simply gets you a positive skills assessment. Any experience after that may be able to be claimed, but if you have no tertiary education you can't claim any education points.

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unfortunately i think you would find it very hard to get a visa without having any qualifications, don't get me wrong i have heard people doing it but its not a easy process, probably just as easy to speak to the skills assessment body and ask the questions there to see what they advise doing depending on which skills select you are going for..

Solid plasterer for the brother in-law in the uk (189 visa). Points test done 60 points persons test completed 19/6/2015 and passed. Skills assessment submitted to TRA 30/4/15 police checks 2/2/15 TRA skilled assessment outcome received (POSITIVE) 7/08/15

EOI SUBMITTED 7/08/15 EOI INVITE 22/10/2015 Visa Applied and documents uploaded 12/12/15 APPROVED 24/3/2016

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