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Rachael Conway

Third Party Sponsorship - a good idea?

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I was just wondering if anyone is currently being sponsored through a third party like Geoffrey Nathan?


I'd love to hear your experiences. What are the advantages / disadvantages. Any feedback is much appreciated!


My head is in a bit of a spin at the moment. My currently employers have said they won't sponsor directly but would be willing to offer me a 12month contract if I go with a third party sponsorship- but I need to turn this around quickly.

I don't know whether to decline the contract, find a new temp job and just start the long process of applying for the 189 or accept the 12 month and go with third party.



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I've worked with people who were contracted via a third party (in this case Lester's).


The worst thing about them (apart from the fact that they effectively own you) is that they charge like a wounded bull.


They will take a cut of your rate - just like any normal agency does - but will also want to charge your employer a hefty on-going percentage too to cover the cost of the third-party sponsorship. If your employer doesn't want to pay this (and plenty don't as this is on top of the going agency rate for your services) then that will come out of your rate, too.


Bottom line is - you'll be paying them twice. For ever. Or until they decide they might sponsor you for permanent residency (the ball's in their court, remember) - which will also cost you a fortune.. :wink:

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