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Any independent rentals in Bayside - sort or long term

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I am moving back to Bayside area in May with my family and we will need a 3 bed house/unit - our past experience of trying to find a home to rent was terrible and this is the part of the move that I am dreading. As we don't want to ship belongings we will have to furnish from scratch also and I know that furnished properties don't come up but I am wondering does anyone now of any independent rentals (not through agent ) that might come furnished and/or have any short term rentals to allow us to get on our feet. We can stay with family but as I am starting a new job we would ideally like to have our own space. I would be looking around Chelenham/Mentone/Parkdale/Mordialloc/ Heatherton or further afield if necessary


Thank you

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We pretty much started from scratch and places like IKEA, Good Guys etc all did delivery the next day. So the day/2 days before we moved, we went shopping for our white goods and furniture that we needed straight away. Arranged for delivery of the all in the afternoon we moved in and then spent the rest of the day assembling beds and tables :-)

Don't have regrets because you were too scared to try something.

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