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PCCs multiple countries - initial entry date

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Both me and my wife have lived in two different countries in last 10 yrs time. Currently we are living together but several years ago each of us lived in different countries.


For visa 189, we know that the initial entry date is defined by the date of your PCCs. Since the two countries in which we previously resided take several months to issue PCCs, we are considering seeking PCCs early on, before we apply for visa. However, we are afraid that if the PCCs are issued this early, it might cause a (perhaps unnecessary) constraint on our visa - we would be required to enter Oz by the earliest of dates of the PCCs from the two countries we lived in several years ago. Later on, we would get the PCCs from our current country of residence and obviously, the dates thereof would be later than those of the PCCs from previous countries.


The question is how DIBP or a case officer chooses the date of initial entry in such cases? Will they just take the date of earliest PCC or will they take the date of PCC of the country of current residence?




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We applied in November, had PCCs from 4/5 different countries and I think they chose the earliest one. Definitely not the last which was the UK we got in November.


Visa was issued end of January 189 Visa with last initial entry date in July 2015.


So if you not planning on going straight away, maybe delay getting them.


Lesson I learned is that you can put in your visa application without having PCC, so once lodged final application you have about 2-3 months before a case officer will be assigned to get PCCs.

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DIBP take it from earliest date of police check or medical regardless if you are living in that country, well they did with us, but was only a few weeks earlier so not a big deal.


dibp state that it will take 3 months+ to get a CO and can be at least an month after that before visa is granted. It is always advisable to wait for a CO before doing medicals and police checks to give yourself max time before visa needs to be validated.


CO give 28 days to organise medicals and police checks once requested, and as long as you can show you have sent for the police check or booked medical they will wait until it has been uploaded without any issues.


I Would wait until visa is lodged before sending for police checks, or even month or 2 after lodgement, if you are not in a rush to move there is no rush to do them either.

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