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Skills Points - minimum vs actual

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I am on a roller coaster ride of points-building for a general skilled migration visa (190) and would really appreciate some help/advice.


I need 10 points from my skills assessment/employment experience, but will just get 5 based on VETASSESS only stating the minimum requirements for the nominated profession (149913 - Facilities Manager), which is 3 years. I need to prove I have more than 5 years, which I do have. I accept my mistaken assumption of the VETASSESS outcome, but am now in a difficult position.


I believe I can easily prove the extra years as the letters supplied to VETASSESS all clearly state I have been in the same job for almost 8 years. However, do I need to get VETASSESS to provide 'points test advice' to verify the extra years I need or can I rely on my own proof as described above?


I am fast approaching 45 (Sept 15) and time is running out for me to maintain sufficient points to qualify for the visa. I have also watched my nominated occupation drop through the 'availability' spectrum. It is currently on 'LOW'. If it goes any lower, all my eggs in the one basket will be done for!


So, should I risk proving the extra proof myself and that the DIBP might say they need the VETASSESS approval for the extra 2 years? OR should I risk going back to VETASSESS and that the Nominated Occupation falls off the list?


:wideeyed: Please help if you can. Thank you!

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From what I've seen, VETASSESS assessment letters can be misleading. If you haven't specifically requested (and paid for) points test advice, they only state what their minimum experience requirement is for your qualification and that you have met that requirement. If their minimum for someone with your qualifications is 3 years, that's all the letter mentions regardless of how many years you actually have.


If you are positive that you will be able to prove your claimed experience when your Case Officer requests evidence of your work experience points claims and if all of your experience is post qualification and at the required skill level, you should be safe to claim the points for it. Even when you get points test advice along with your skills assessment, COs can (and do) STILL ask for evidence and what you would have to provide would be the same evidence as you would have to provide to VETASSESS to get the advice in the first place.

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Thank you so much for your quick and helpful response. I was hoping this would be the case as common sense says it should be really. However, rules are rules and it's been a minefield so far.

IELTS tomorrow to get my 8+ hopefully!

Thanks again.

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