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Tracey Ruenes

Looking for farm work for 2nd year visa

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My name is Tracey and I am hardworking traveller from England. I am currently looking to complete my 88days regional work on a farm/property in Australia in order to obtain my second year visa. I am a dedicated and efficient worker who is able to work well as a team and also independently. I’m also not afraid to get my hands dirty!


I am willing to move anywhere in Australia for the right opportunity. I am currently in Melbourne and would be available for work ASAP.


Please feel free to contact me via pm.


I look forward to hearing from you.


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Hi Tracey. Welcome to the forum. I've moved your thread to the Backpacking/WHV section where you should get good answers and advice. Check out the Backpacker Job vacancies sub-forum in this section - new opportunities are posted in there on most days. Good luck and enjoy your travels.


You might also enjoy WWOOFing. Unpaid work but a great experience and most placings are eligible for that precious 88 days.

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My nephew is currently somewhere near Mount Isa on a cattle ranch doing regional work (sorry don't know the name of the ranch), but i'm sure if you google 'cattle ranches' you might be able to contact some directly.

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