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Brisbane / Gold Coast / suggestions please

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We are going to move from Western Australia (Mandurah) to Queensland this year. We've given Mandurah 2.5 years of our lives and are ready to explore now. Mandurah is very nice but we feel we need something else and a bit more life!

It seems almost as hard as when we moved over from the UK not knowing areas.

We have a 9 year old daughter and 2 dogs and love being out and about.


So here's my list of wants:

Live not far from shops, city, nightlife, beach

Easy access to airport (husband works FIFO)

Preferably not brand new houses on "lego-land" identical house estates (prefer traditional)

Places to walk my dogs off leash

Decent schools


I can't wait to come and do a reccie and have looked at flights and will be hit for about $2000 for us 3 to get there from WA at a weekend so just one visit will have to do :wideeyed:


Areas I've looked at are Birkdale, Wellington Point, Manly and that's as far as I've got (looked at Ascot and local to CBD but am put off by the prices)

As for Gold Coast I've no idea where to start!


Anyone got any suggestions?


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I am on the bayside we are about 30 - 40 mins from the airport good rail links but takes about hr on train into city we have a dog and take her to the dog beach at raby bay which is the next suburb from where I live. wellington point has a beach but not a particular one for dogs but great to have a bbq and walk the dog to kings island when low tide. I am not really up with the schools but have many friends who have children at Ormiston,sheldon Redlands college all private and others at Cleveland Manly SS (public ther is a group poms on the bay which you may want to join a mind of information. happy to show you around.The Gold coast is 45 mins from me south bound good train links to the city and airport with the express look at Translink.com.au to gage times of trains from areas I have heard Currumbin Varsity lakes coomera pac pines helenvale are all easy to train stations ther is also a smaller airport at cooloongatta.

good luck with your quest and new adventures

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We're at Helensvale and have everything you have on your list pretty close by


We love it here and been here nearly 5 years and aint planning on moving


Lots of great areas around us but not going to advise on as don't live there just pass through them


As anywhere else there are good and bad parts of most suburbs


....I Actually Live In Australia....And I'm Enjoying Life On The Gold Coast....It Is Possible You Know....




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I'm also in the Redlands, in Wellington Point. I find the train journey isn't too arduous to the CBD - I've always got a seat (helps being one of the end stops!) and I don't think a train has ever been majorly late. The drive into the CBD is also easy from Redlands. The rush hour drive can be a bit of a pain, but I think most people going into the city would say the same.


Drive to the airport is easy - about 25 minutes and we've always had a decent run there.


We've got lots of restaurants, walks, parks nearby. The dog beach in Cleveland is very popular (and you get to check out the nice houses!) Wynnum outdoor pool is nearby, the ferry to Straddie and the other Islands is close.


We've got a mixture of houses - there are a fair few new build estates going up, but we have just bought a property from the 1990's. Seems to be a large mix on the market. I would say that having a pool has been a godsend in this hot weather!!!


We've got a good mix of State, High and Private Schools in the Area. You have your more expansive private schools (Ormiston) and then your slightly cheaper (Iona), which is a Catholic School. Cleveland High gets really good reviews and the State Schools are also pretty decent.


Good luck!!!

Don't have regrets because you were too scared to try something.

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Kedron or Wavell Heights? if looking Northside near the airport at a reasonable price.


Kedron State High and Wavell State High are apparently two of the best state schools in Brisbane

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Somewhere near Nundah Village maybe?


Really comes down to budget...plenty of places to recommend but they may be out of budget.

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