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nurse sue

Uk student nurse placement to queensland

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Just wondered if anyone could help /advise My niece is a student nurse in the Uk and would like to undertake an elective placement in Australia preferably Brisbane area but open to suggestions. Can anyone recommend a hospital that take overseas students she has insurance as well through Royal College Nursing . Areas of nursing Emergency,Intensive Care medical/surgical paediatrics Rural.

Thank you in advance

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Guest Chewitts

Hi Sue!


tbh I think you would be extremely lucky to find anywhere.....my niece wanted to do the same a couple of years ago we called Every single health dept in every state and got the same answer everywhere. Apparently there are not even enough placements in the country for the Australian students :no:

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Hi Sue,


I did my elective placement at a private hospital in Melbourne back in 2009. When I went back to work at the same hospital in 2012 they were still accommodating UK students however I'm not sure if the hospital only had an agreement with the Uni I went to. I know it's not Brisbane but worth a try. It took me some time to secure a placement and I had to email lots of hospitals before I was successful so I would say for your niece to email every single hospital she can find on the Internet I'm sure something will come good. Also my friends found a placement in Sydney at the same time as I. Good luck



AHPRA Eligibility Confirmed 29/02/2012 :yes:

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