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Hi.. I am qualifying as a Radiographer in the Uk in June 2015 and I am coming on a WHV in September. I have been looking at doing locum radiography work within Australia. I have a few questions!!!


I need AHPRA - first of all, Will i be classed as a 'graduate' and should I apply under this as I have no experience apart from the three years of my degree on clinical placement?


When applying for a radiation license, is there one that covers all states or will I need a seperate one for each state - basically should I pick one place to work?


I have been looking at locum jobs and most accept WHV, I am not looking to be a skilled worker as of yet either so no point in applying for that visa as for AIR registration and skilled worker you need 3+ years experience in the UK so not poss atm.


Any help would be appreciated!!!!


Alix :) x

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Hi! great to see someone else looking to move! I am qualified with 5.5 years experience, and hoping to move around sept time too! Would be great to have someone to chat to about this! where are you thinking on going? I quite fancy Brisbane. I have just sent off an email to jenniereeves agency...they have a great reputation. Why not give them a call?

Ali :)

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