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Linking a new nomination to a pre-existing 457 application

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I was wondering if there is a quicker way to link a new nomination to a pre-existing 457 application? Is there a way to do this through my immi account quickly?



Thanks in advance

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I am the partner of waterhyacinth666, and have some additional background information.



Employer nominated a position for her under a 457.

She applied for a 457

Original nomination got refused.

(Employer lodged an appeal with MRT)


Email recieved last Friday by 457 Processing Team at IMMI:


A better option would be if a new nomination was lodged for XXXX, and if this was done before the 25/12/2014, XXXX 457 visa application would continue to be assessed until such time that a decision is reached on the new nomination.


If the sponsor wishes to re-lodge the nomination, please advise the department of the TRN for the new nomination, and attach your notification to the ImmiAccount for Anand’s 457 visa application. That way, the new nomination can be linked to the visa application, and the visa application can continue to be assessed.


Luckily, (being that most of my company are on leave) she managed to get someone from HR to open the office today and lodge a new nomination (more chance of not getting refused, as meets the requirements that original nomination did not).


So, she now has a new TRN.


- Have uploaded this to her visa application via ImmiAccount

- Have responded to email from 457 Processing team with the attachment

- Tried ringing DIAC, and they said to inform vic.sponsor.monitoring@immi.gov.au, but potentially might not get a reply till after new year. We emailed them the attachment.


Really want to avoid some sort of automated visa refusal from happening on Xmas Day, just because the new nomination has not been successfully linked up to her visa application.

Was hoping that ImmiAccount would have a 'type of document' category for new nomination or similar.


Can anyone provide any further guidance or suggestions on what to do to minimise risk?

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