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VETASSESS Skills Assessments - General Occupations Changes from 01/01/2015

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I am not sure if this announcement has been brought to the attention of this forum. If yes, please disregard it.


Details can be found here: http://www.vetassess.com.au/Portals/0/Downloads/qualification_assessment/VETASSESS-update-on-application-processes-for-skills-assessments-for-general-professional-occupations.pdf?vid=100


In summary:

- VETASSESS will always conduct an assessment of the highest qualification level

- introduction of the “date deemed skilled” based on qualification and employment evidence provided

- revised fee structure http://www.vetassess.com.au/Portals/0/Downloads/qualification_assessment/Revised-Fee-Structure-2015.pdf?vid=100


The most significant change is the introduction of the date deemed skilled which is the date that an applicant is considered skilled in their nominated occupation and therefore eligible for claiming employment points from that date and not earlier. This date, generally, will be calculated as the date when an applicant obtained the required qualification plus 1 year. This might cause more pain for onshore applicants (overseas students) who obtained their qualifications in Australia and need one year of highly related work experience - they will not be able to use this year of work experience for the points test purposes. If they need some extra points, they will need additional year of work experience and might be running out of time if they are on 485 visas.

Ales Welter Registered Migration Agent MARN 1464306 www.ozhome.info

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Seems this wasn't given much attention here...



Our situation is that Vetasses have assessed my wife as having 8.9 years experience which is great but they have not subtracted anything for the 18 months of maternity leave in the last 10 years.



Our concern is that a DIBP official will deduct 18 months from the 8.9 years which drops her below the 8 years we need.



Is it worth the risk? Will the DIBP take the 8.9 years or will they subtract the maternity leave?



We are wanting to challenge Vetassess on the Deemed Skilled Date point, they have stated her Deemed Skilled Date as being within the last 10 years and have not considered the 4 years of relevant (post qualification) experience obtained before that.

Has anyone had any success in challenging Vetassess on this?




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